home hotoffersAzar Oyar Production & Industrial Group was established on 29.Aug, 2010 under registration number 29708 and national identification code 10200378364 at Tabriz Companies & Non-Trade Institutes Registration Department General with the subject of: producing constructional and industrial materials and accessories such as UPVC doors and windows, different types of multi-layer glasses and safety and shatterproof security glasses .

This company was established based on 25 years of experience with experienced personnel skilled in UPVC: industry. On this basis, the production factory of this company was operated in a land with the area of more than 23000 m2 in Bilverdi Industrial Site in Tabriz - Ahar R:oad within less than one year .

The annual capacity of this factory is more than 500 tons of UPVC doors and windows and 8000Dm2 multi-layer glass and an operational license NO.l05/611 was obtained from the Ministry of Industry & Mine for this capacity .

In terms of its working capacity, Azar Oyar Company is among the companies with high capacity of production in the country and we can increase our production capacity up to three-fold of the present capacity .

Presently, the shareholders of this company intend to increase the production lines of different types f profiles and aluminum parts, aluminum doors and windows (thermal brick, ... ), security glass and etc., and we will witness opening of new phases in the future with the assistance of God Almighty .

Increasing the efficiency of quality management system processes and continuous movement towards sustainable development with the final destination of performance improvement of the company

Observing the time schedule and timely execution of projects

Continuous training of personnel in order to take advantages of their potential talents for offering more desirable services Increasing the satisfaction level of customers of the company including the employers of public and private sectors while offering high quality services